to say that i love flowers and design might be obvious, i know, but i do! i love flowers and design. working with nature and beauty  every day, and sharing it, is a privilege beyond compare.  after retiring studio sweet pea a few years ago, i began rethinking my engagement with these passions. that inquiry led me to sadie design. we share and apply our passion for floral design, décor, texture, form and shape with custom visual/set/interior/floral styling to create inspirational and extraordinary environments. our goal is to stimulate harmonious living and optimum engagement by applying everything we know about floral and event design and production, and bringing it home. literally! if home is where the heart is, then that is where we want to be. 


sadie design is committed to making fresh flowers accessible and available to all. we specialize in custom floral styling for any environment, particularly your home or office. do you have a favorite vase and no idea what to do with it? ever dreamed of adding an elaborate flower presentation to your table but don't know where to begin? well, we do! that's our thing! we are now offering virtual consultations and contactless deliveries until it's safe to share space again. 

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not quite sure what to do with that dark corner in your living room? feeling like your space is stagnant? we can assess any space and make custom styling recommendations that will optimize and elevate any environment. inspired by the principles and concepts of feng shui, we can replace and repurpose objects, bring in fresh and natural materials, relocate furniture, create new floor plans, and more! we're transferring all of the experience we've developed in event design and bringing it to the home and office. we particularly love working with existing collections and reorienting their arrangement. but, don't just take our word for it...
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there is no greater joy for us than sharing the principles and techniques of floral design, and teaching it! we developed a custom flower arranging class called 'giving gorgeous' during the economic downturn in 2008. we invited our friends at Time Out New York to test the class as an interactive, team building and philanthropic experience and well, it worked! together we raised money for The New York Restoration Project. this model holds true now more than ever as we navigate the pandemic and find ways to support small businesses and outreach organizations. we teach introductory, custom, private and specialty flower arranging classes and events (on site when it's safe), on location, virtually and for television.  lisa was featured on segments for TBS and FirstLook NY, and she did a series of specialty classes for MSLO. lisa adores teaching in therapeutic environments, especially.  bringing people together through a creative platform and raising money for good causes - what could be better? 
learn how to arrange flowers like a pro! (virtually) gather with friends/colleagues/family for an unforgettable experience that will last long after the flowers have gone. these custom classes start at $250/person and include a virtual link. please contact us for further inquiry/booking.

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our namesake, ella sadie